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Step 1: Review Eligibility

Testing (Certification Exams)

Step 1: Review Eligibility

IMPORTANT: You are eligible for tests within your officially declared certification area. You cannot take additional exams until you become a certified teacher, even if school districts ask you to take other exams.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    • There is no GPA requirement for taking your Certification Exams. 

    • A background check is not required for approval to take your certification exams. However, please be aware the Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires multiple background checks for progression through the Educator Preparation Program and ultimately for issuance of a standard certificate. Pursuant to Texas Administrative Code 249.16, you may be ineligible for issuance of a certificate upon completion of the Educator Preparation Program due to offenses considered to relate directly to the duties and responsibilities of the education profession. If you have a criminal history, the Office of Educator Preparation (OEP) recommends you

      1. review Texas Administrative Code 249.16, Eligibility of Persons with Criminal History for a Certificate for more information about specific offenses considered to relate directly to the duties and responsibilities of the education profession;
      2. pay for a Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation from the Texas Education Agency;
      3. schedule an appointment for free legal counseling services through Texas State University’s Attorney for Students; and,
      4. disclose this information to the director of the Office of Educator Preparation at Texas State University.

    • You must meet certain criteria, including Admittance to the Educator Preparation Program.

    • Although the Office of Educator Preparation (OEP) does not require practice exams for your first attempt, your department or program may require a "C" or better in a specific course and/or a Practice Exam.

      • Upload proof of practice exam (email or certificate from department) to the ePortfolio application for test approval if your certification area is one of the following:
        • Art EC-12
        • English 7-12
        • History 7-12
        • Mathematics 7-12
        • Physical Education EC-12
        • Social Studies 7-12
    • Undocumented and DACAmented students are valued members of the Texas State University community. If you have questions or concerns about how your legal status affects your eligibility to complete the Educator Preparation Program, please take the following steps: