Teacher Residency or Traditional Pathway: What are my Options?

Every student seeking Elementary Level Core Subjects with English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher certification who is eligible for fall 2022 Elementary Field-Based Block has the option of applying to two different pathways: Teacher Residency Pathway or Traditional Pathway. Both pathways are two-semesters long, will result in the same graduation date, and will meet the requirements for certification. In both pathways, students will have access to the same quality Texas State educator preparation. Below, we have answered some frequently asked questions about Teacher Residency and Traditional Pathways.

Field Block and Clinical Teaching Options
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  • There is a competitive application process to be admitted to the Teacher Residency Pathway, which has a fall 2022 start date. For students seeking Elementary Level Core Subjects with ESL certification, there are 60 funded residency spaces and 20 unfunded residency spaces. Every student who meets the criteria can participate in the Traditional Model. The Traditional Pathway has both Fall and Spring start dates. The chart below provides additional key information about the two pathways.

  • Students accepted to a funded Teacher Residency Pathway agree to spend an entire academic year at the same school with the same cooperating teacher. During the Fall semester, selected students will spend 4 days each week on campus taking their Elementary field-block courses and engaging in teaching activities. During the Spring semester, they will student teach five days a week. There are 60 funded spaces for selected Texas State students who are seeking Elementary Level Core Subjects with ESL teacher certification in Hutto ISD, Lockhart ISD, and Manor ISD. Each respective district has agreed to fund students at $20,000 per year (before taxes).

  • Students accepted to an unfunded Teacher Residency Pathway agree to attend Elementary Field-Based Block classes and required observations at a San Marcos CISD school two days each week. After completing these courses, they will student teach five days a week at the same classroom in which they conducted their observations. San Marcos Consolidated ISD currently offers an unfunded residency.

  • In the Traditional Pathway, you attend Elementary Field-Based Block classes at a school two days a week. After completing these courses, then you will student teach five days a week. Currently, Bastrop ISD and San Antonio ISD have an additional application process to pay selected candidates $10,000 for student teaching.

  • Texas State University does not decide which districts receive or allocate funds to students. The funding that selected students receive is provided through districts. Certain districts applied for and received grants from the state of Texas to support future teachers. In other cases, school districts used their own funds to provide additional funding for future teachers.

  • To apply either Pathway, click here (https://www.education.txstate.edu/ci/resources/student-resources/Block-Information.html)

     If you have questions about degree planning (e.g., Are you eligible for either Pathway? How will Teacher Residency Pathway shape your degree plan?), contact advising at: eduadvising@txstate.edu

    If you have specific questions about applying to Teacher Residency Pathway, please email Dr. Minda Lopez at minda.lopez@txstate.edu

    If you encounter trouble with either application process, please contact Ms. Judy Herington at  jh70@txstate.edu