Math in Origami

by Robert Duncan, Terry Mulhollan, Baburam Kharel


Dear Parent, 
Please carefully read the following information that describes your child's
project in a unit entitled "Math in Origami." We believe that this project
represents a wonderful and valuable learning opportunity for your child and
believe it is very important that you understand all aspects of the project so
that your child will meet with the highest level of success. For the next six
weeks in his/her math class, your child will be participating in a entitled
"Math in Origami" an extended project in which your child will learn the history
of Origami and some skills on creating Origami objects and then reveal the
geometry embedded in it. We believe that this is the most innovative way of
studying Origami and high school Geometry side by side where your child will
explore the interrelation between them. At the end of the unit, guests will be
invited to attend the poster presentations of their group Origami designs
together with the brief revelation of geometry with those objects. 
All the necessary materials for the project will be provided except for a spiral
bounded journal, paper, and pencils. Origami paper will be provided only for
school and you will have buy your own if your child wants to practice designing
at home.
This is an indoor project and students will be working in groups. However, daily
home works and journals will be assigned to be turned in by every body
throughout the unit. These should not take more than one hour per night; however
students will be highly encouraged to come up with creative origami designs and
geometry from internet or magazines. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:
 Teacher’s Name 
 Phone: 512-777-7777
Please sign below so that we know that you have seen this letter and the
syllabus. Thank you for your time and interest. 
 Teacher’s name
(Please detach and return by your child) 
I have read and agreed to the above information on the Monumental Math unit. 
Student: ________________________ 
Child's name 
Date: ______________________ 
Parent Signature (please print) 
Parent: _________________________ Date: ______________________

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