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Texas College and Career Readiness Standards

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The goal of the Texas  College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) is to establish what students must know and be able to do to succeed in entry-level courses offered at institutions of higher education. Below you will find  the CCRS translated into Spanish and Korean. For your convenience  documents are available in both Microsoft WordWord Icon and Adobe PDF documents PDFicon.

Texas College and Career Readiness Standards


Word IconCCRS in Spanish

PDFiconCCRS in Spanish


Word IconCCRS with Indicators in Spanish

PDFiconCCRS with Indicators in Spanish


Video and Audio Clips of the CCRS Read in the Spanish Language

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I. Interrelated Disciplines and Skills
A. Spatial analysis of physical and cultural processes that shape the human experience
B. Periodization and chronological reasoning

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C. Change and continuity of political ideologies, constitutions, and political behavior
D. Change and continuity of economic systems and processes
E. Change and continuity of social groups, civic organizations, institutions, and their interaction

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II. Diverse Human Perspectives and Experiences
A. Multicultural societies
B. Factors that influence personal and group identities (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, institutional affiliations, socioeconomic status)

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III. Interdependence of Global Communities
A. Spatial understanding of global, regional, national, and local communities
B. Global analysis

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IV. Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Information
A. Critical examination of texts, images, and other sources of information
B. Research and methods
C. Critical listening
D. Reaching conclusions


V. Effective Communication
A. Clear and coherent oral and written communication
B. Academic integrity



Word IconCCRS in Korean

PDFiconCCRS in Korean


Word IconCCRS with Indicators in Korean

PDFiconCCRS with Indicators in Korean


Video and Audio Clips of the CCRS Read in the Korean Language


videoClip #1

videoClip #2


PDFiconCCRS in English

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