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Minor in Creativity Studies

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Welcome to Creativity Studies in Education

A different world is possible. 

We are excited to offer a graduate minor in Creativity Studies in Education.

The Creativity Studies in Education minor welcomes anyone and everyone. This minor is available to all graduate students in all majors. 

What are graduates of this minor doing now?

Graduates of the Creativity Studies in Education minor are now working in a variety of jobs, such as:  

  • PreK-12 classroom teachers
  • Special education teachers
  • Career and technical education teachers
  • Theatre teachers in schools and communities 

Graduates with a minor in Creativity Studies are also using their knowledge, skills, and reimaginings from Creativity Studies in life beyond their jobs. 

Range of Minor Courses and Options

We want to keep you informed. Please note that the first three course titles and/or descriptions that are listed below are unofficial revisions, which are currently undergoing the university's approval process and therefore are dependent upon final approval. If approved, these updated phrasings will officially take effect beginning with Fall 2023 courses. We include these unofficial revisions here so that new students, as well as current students who are planning their coursework for the upcoming 2023-24 academic year, can be informed about the possible changes to the 2023-24 Graduate Catalog. 

CI 5310. Creativity: Theories, Research, Practices, and Issues

In this course, students examine creativity in relation to associated theories, research, practices, and contemporary issues. Relationships between creativity and topics such as education, everyday life, and social change are explored. 

CI 5368. The Politics and Creativity of Being and Becoming 

This course examines different senses of politics and creativity in relation to contemporary questions of being and becoming. Implications for education, perception, and a different future are explored through research, philosophy, and art. 

CI 5381. Curiosity, Reimagination, and the Radical Imagination

In this course, students examine curiosity, reimagination, and the radical imagination in relation to associated research, practices, frameworks, and contemporary issues in schools and society.  

EDTC 5341. Digital Fabrication and Simple Electronics

This course focuses on the use of creativity within educational maker spaces and is intended for educators (and their students) to think creatively using digital fabrication and technology. A maker space is a place where people come together to create with technology.

Click here to see the current official course titles and descriptions. The link will take you to the Creativity Studies in Education page in the Graduate Catalog. 

Students in the Creativity Studies in Education Minor take: 

1 required class: 

  • CI 5310 

and 2 classes from the following: 

  • CI 5368
  • CI 5381
  • EDTC 5341 

Due to our students' locations and schedules, courses are offered in hybrid or online course modalities. 

Questions about Creativity Studies in Education?

We'd love to hear from you!  If you have questions or comments, email Dr. Susan Field Waite, the academic advisor, at Phone calls, Zoom meetings, and in-person appointments also may be scheduled through email.

Students may easily change to this minor with the Graduate College's Change of Minor form. Dr. Susan Field Waite, the graduate advisor for the minor in Creativity Studies, can help you with this change.