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Master's Programs in Talent Development

Degrees to Realize Possibilities

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In these unique and versatile master's degree programs, you'll explore big ideas and important questions while building valuable skills and understandings related to talent development, creativity, and the transformation of practices and perceptions. 

Program graduates are well-positioned for teaching, mentoring, and leadership roles in schools and communities such as: 

  • educator peer mentoring program coordinator
  • gifted and talented education specialist or coordinator
  • arts education coordinator
  • classroom teacher, physical education teacher, or arts education teacher with enhanced skills for fostering talent development and creativity 
  • teacher of advanced and honors classes 
  • instructional coordinator or professional learning specialist
  • extra-curricular coach, creativity coach, or instructional coach
  • academic director 
  • early childhood center director 
  • teacher in early college high schools 
  • talent development specialist
  • community-based education specialist
  • undergraduate-level course instructor 

The programs also provide a foundation for doctoral studies in education.  

Flexibly Designed to Meet Your Scheduling Needs

We offer 30-credit-hour M.A. and M.Ed. programs that have been designed to meet the scheduling needs of working professionals. For example, students may take courses in the evening or asynchronously. It's possible to complete the programs online. 

Degree programs currently offered: 

  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Elementary Education: Talent Development Concentration (includes thesis) 
  • Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Elementary Education: Talent Development Concentration
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Secondary Education: Talent Development Concentration (includes thesis) 
  • Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Secondary Education: Talent Development Concentration

Students choose a coursework emphasis on either:

  • Creativity, Talent, and Transformation, or
  • Teaching and Transforming Advanced and Gifted Education.


Newly admitted students may start taking courses in Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters.

These programs do not require teacher licensure or specific prior course work for admission. Our students either already possess a teaching certificate or don't need a teaching certificate for what they want to do in life.  

The Graduate College offers a variety of scholarships and fellowships for new and continuing students. Students who apply for the fall semester by the priority deadline will be eligible to be considered for the widest range of funding support. A limited number of graduate assistantships also are available for full-time students. The Office of Financial Aid assists interested students in applying for financial aid. Texas State University's Veterans and Military-Connected Students website connects veterans and military-connected students to educational benefits information and other resources, services, and opportunities. We welcome international students

What Our Alumni Say

I went to grad school because I wanted to become a better teacher – mainly to add more thinking and creativity in my classroom and to help my students become the best versions of themselves. This program has done so much more than that, more than I could have ever anticipated. The program's courses have expanded my mind in the most incredible way, making my lessons wildly more engaging, with more intense levels of analysis and critical thinking. In all honesty, my own analysis of the world around me – systems, society, education, creativity, and even myself – has deepened, expanded, or changed entirely due to my time learning here in this program.” – Kaitlyn Hale, M.Ed. 

“I was fortunate enough to discover Talent Development at Texas State while searching for a Master's program that looked a little different from what I was finding at other universities. What the program offered me was far beyond what I had hoped for. My professors provided readings and projects that empowered me to free myself and think bigger than I ever had before." – Faith Kane, M.Ed.