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College of Education Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)

Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)

The mission of Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) is to increase communication between administration and faculty and assist in the professional development of faculty in all stages of their career.  The FAC is comprised of elected representatives from the Departments of CLAS, HHP and C&I.

The Council provides an infrastructure for communication among faculty and between faculty and administration. The council gathers information about issues that concern the faculty, and articulates faculty positions on those issues. The Council assists in both defining and supporting the mission of the College, and advises the Dean on key decisions about the College's future from the earliest stages of the decision making process. Specific responsibilities of the Council include:

  1. Facilitating interdepartmental communication among faculty
  2. Acting as a channel for two-way communication between the Dean and faculty
  3. Advising the Dean on major decisions regarding the College, including but not limited to policy, organization, program, personnel, and fiscal decisions. Advising is to take place prior to decisions being made, based on advanced consultation between the Dean and the Council
  4. Providing forums for dialogue concerning significant college-wide issues
  5. Supporting faculty concerns that have college-wide implications
  6. Considering faculty concerns that have college-wide implications
  7. Promoting an agreed-upon philosophy of education as well as congruence among philosophy, policy and practice
  8. Assisting in data-based decisions using accurate data
  9. Seeking input from faculty at large prior to council decisions on major issues
  10. Communicating with the College's representatives to the University Senate on issues relevant to both the College Council and University Senate