On-Campus Services

 University Resources

Finance and Support Services
The Division of Finance and Support Services (FSS0 manages a wide variety of financial, facilities and human resources activities for Texas State University. Over 440 skilled, service, management staff work in the eight operating units that comprise the FSS Division.

Information Technology Services
The Division of Information Technology offers a comprehensive website that allows you to easily search all of the IT services available on campus.

SAP Resources
SAP is used for accounting, budget, human resources, materials management, payroll, purchasing, travel and more.

University Policies
A comprehensive list of university policies is easily accessible via the Texas State website.

 University-Wide Professional Development

Human Resources Workshops
Human Resources' Organizational Development and Communications area provides support to staff and faculty through various workshops that focus on employee information and legal issues, external funding, organizational excellence, planning and assessment and personal effectiveness.

Additional On-Campus Development Opportunities
In addition to the development workshops offered through Professional Development, staff and faculty are encouraged to attend other workshops across campus, including those hosted by:

Faculty Development
The Faculty Development Office hosts Faculty Focus Workshops, New Faculty Orientation, the Scholarship and Teaching Excellence Program and other special programs and events.

 Fulbright Scholar Programs

Texas State Fulbright Opportunities
Texas State University enthusiastically promotes Fulbright programs. Whether faculty goes out to Fulbright programs across the word or Fulbrighters visit Texas State, the Fulbright programs provide opportunities for gaining global, cross-cultural appreciation. There are a wide variety of programs available. For more information, please contact the Texas State Fulbright Campus Representative, Daris Hale.

Explore Programs and Awards
Visit the Fulbright website to explore opportunities for U.S. scholars, opportunities for regional research (U.S. and visiting scholars), and opportunities for visiting scholars.