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Career Alternatives in Special Education

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A unique program is offered at Texas State University to prepare and certify individuals interested in obtaining certification to teach special education. CASE is an opportunity to teach public school students who have disabilities ... a professional career full of personal rewards!

What Is The Unique Program?

Texas State has established a program to recruit individuals with undergraduate degrees who are interested in a special education teaching certification, train them in teaching methods and special education techniques, and support them in teaching positions in central Texas.

What is Special Education?

In 1975 a federal law stipulated that all children and youth with disabilities must be provided free appropriate public education. Thus, many students who have learning disabilities, emotional disorders, mental retardation, physical disabilities, hearing and vision impairments, and communication disorders are educated in the public schools. The specialized techniques necessary for these students to learn forms the basis for special education.

CASE Information

The program is designed for individuals who already hold a baccalaureate degree, and who would like to teach students with disabilities.  The program offers16-17 courses necessary for an all-level (pre-K-grade 12) special education certification and a K-6 ESL certification.  A paid internship may be available at the end of the program.  If all the courses are completed at the graduate level, students may obtain a Master's Degree in Special Education upon completion of graduate requirements.

CASE students select one of the following concentration areas within special education:  Autism/Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavioral Disorders/Positive Behavior Supports, or Learning Disabilities/Inclusion

The course work may begin in either Fall, Spring, Summer I, or Summer II semesters.  A student attending school full-time typically can complete the course work in one and a half years.  For example, beginning coursework in a Summer I semester and attending full-time will make the student eligible to begin teaching on probationary certificate the following fall.  Part-time attendance is also acceptable.
After successful completion of the course work, students have the option of enrolling in a two-semester internship where they are hired as a full-time certified teacher for one year. During this year the intern will receive Texas State supervision and be assigned a mentor teacher for assistance. Upon successful completion of the internship and the state certification test(s) (TExES) the student will be able to obtain an all-level Texas Teaching Certificate in the field of Generic Special Education and a K-6 ESL Teaching Certificate.



Dr. Jennifer Porterfield

Graduate Advisor and Special Education Program Coordinator

ED 2108  

(512) 245-6006