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Teacher Certification + Master's in Education (C+M.Ed.)

Considering a career change?

Those interested in becoming a certified teacher through graduate coursework should contact one of the following advisors before applying, to ensure you follow a path that fits your future plans perfectly:

For Elementary Grades [PK-6] - Dr. Tim Kinard:

For Middle School Grades [4-8] - Dr. Gwynne Ash:

For Secondary Grades [7-12] - Dr. Jeffery King:

Certification + Master’s Degree is TWO in ONE

Due to the unique opportunity provided by obtaining a master’s degree at the same time as earning teacher certification, this program involves working with two entities simultaneously: The Graduate College of TXST and the Office of Educator Preparation (OEP). The graduate college will provide you a DEGREE plan. OEP will provide you a CERTIFICATION plan. Therefore, you must first be admitted to the Graduate College, and then apply to OEP to obtain your certification plan.

You will have two advisors.

Your graduate advisor will assist in choosing coursework that applies to both your degree and your certification (along with graduation applications and master’s comprehensive exams). The OEP Certification Officer will assist in completion of the state-administered certification examinations, Student Teaching and/or Internships.

Please contact the graduate advisor listed at the top of this page for the program you hope to enter for more information. They are here to help!!