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Faculty Sick Leave Record Keeping

Faculty Sick Leave Record Keeping (UPPS 04.04.30)

Faculty accrue sick leave time, which provides possible options for extended sick leave for medical reasons, payout to a spouse if we pass away, donation to the sick leave pool to help others if we resign, etc. While these benefits are available to us, we also need to record sick time used during the course of our regular employment.

What to Record:

1.   The Texas Legislature’s Appropriations Act states that faculty earn sick leave and must use sick leave.

2.   Faculty sick leave time is calculated by a combination of time and events (unlike staff and chairs, who report all time missed from the planned 8 hour work day). For sick leave purposes, the faculty workday is divided into 1) time periods and 2) scheduled events for the workday. There are two time periods in each day - morning (midnight to noon) and afternoon or evening (noon to midnight). Each time period is considered four hours in length. Events include classes, office hours, scheduled meetings (such as PC, department, program, college meetings), and other assigned activities. All examples below reflect a faculty member who misses scheduled events due to illness/medical reasons.

3.   A faculty member missing all scheduled events in a day (whenever they occur) due to illness/medical reasons records 8 hours leave.

4.   A faculty member with events scheduled in the morning period and the afternoon/evening period who misses events in only one of the two periods records 4 hours leave.

5.   For a faculty member missing some but not all events in ONE of the time periods (morning or afternoon/evening): Divide the number of events missed by the number of events scheduled and multiply the result by four hours to determine the percentage of time missed.

          a.   Example from the PPS: A professor attends a morning meeting and holds afternoon office hours, but does not teach the evening class due to illness. The professor reports 2 hours sick leave (1 afternoon/evening event missed, divided by 2 afternoon/evening events scheduled, multiplied by 4 = 2hours).

6.   A faculty member missing all scheduled events in a week reports 40 hours leave.

How to Report Sick Leave:

1.   Record the time in SAP or submit the leave form to Naomi Wilson within one week of return from sick time.  If submitting the signed form to Naomi, she will enter your sick time in SAP for you.

2.   SAP:

a.   Login to SAP

b.   Select “SAP Employee Self-Service” from the top menu bar

c.   Select “Record Working Time”

d.   Select “Record Working Time” again if it appears

e.   Select your current/active personnel assignment

f.   Select the appropriate week using the scroll forward/backward buttons

g.   In the rows with the arrows, click the arrow and scroll down to select “Sick Leave”.

h.   Scroll over to the column for the appropriate day and enter the number of hours.

          i.   Time can be recorded in 15 minute increments using .25, .50, .75, 1.0

i.   Don’t forget: Click “Save and release” at top select of your screen

j.   Chrome works better for time entry than the most recent version of IE.

k.   Need help? Just visit your admin. If you log in, she can walk you through it in seconds.

3.   Application for Leave Approval Form: If you would prefer one of our CI admins enter your time in SAP, submit this signed form to Naomi within one week of the time out (the form requests submission in advance, but obviously sick leave is most frequently not known in advance – upon your return will work fine). Submitted forms are retained in your personnel file.

4.   Need more information on the policy? Visit UPPS 04.04.30 at