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Graduate Assistant Application

The Department of Curriculum & Instruction is seeking graduate students wishing to be employed as a Graduate Instructional Assistant.  The Graduate Instructional Assistant will assist a faculty member with their classroom responsibilities on campus and/or in the school-based blocks.  The responsibilities of the position could include, but are not limited to:

  • ordering course materials
  • identifying library materials
  • integrating technology
  • posting documents on e-reserve
  • communicating with students
  • implementing active learning strategies
  • sending and receiving assignments
  • grading assignments and assessments

The position is a nine month position beginning in Fall.  Salary is according to Texas State Graduate Assistant standards.

General requirements for the GIA position:

  • unconditional admission to a graduate program in Curriculum & Instruction
  • enrolled in at least 9 graduate hours each long semester
  • must enroll in CI 7310, Teaching in College in the fall semester (this course does not earn graduate degree credit, but can count towards the required nine hous and is paid by the university)
  • maintain good academic standing (minimum 3.0 GPA)