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College of Education’s José Martínez Hinestroza, Ph.D. to Keynote First National Meeting of Racial Justice in Early Math

Dr. Jose Martinez Hinestroza
Dr. José Martínez Hinestroza, Assistant Professor

Charlcee Cervantez || June 28, 2024

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction assistant professor José Martínez Hinestroza, Ph.D., will serve as a keynote speaker at the First National Meeting of Racial Justice in Early Mathematics (RJEM). This significant event, set to take place at the Erikson Institute in Chicago on June 27 and 28, 2024, will gather educators, administrators, researchers, and community members committed to antiracist mathematics education for young learners.

Dr. Martínez Hinestroza, a former kindergarten and elementary school teacher, is renowned for his pioneering work in bilingual mathematics education. He leads the NSF CAREER grant project "CAREER: Affirming Bilingual Children’s Participation in Mathematics (ABC-Par)," which focuses on creating inclusive bilingual mathematics classrooms through participatory research and teacher collaboration.

During the RJEM conference, Dr. Martínez Hinestroza will share insights from his extensive research and practical experience, emphasizing the connections between racial justice and early mathematics education. His keynote address will highlight ways to develop a mathematics curriculum that centers children from historically marginalized racial backgrounds. In addition to the keynote, Gisela Vaca Soria, an undergraduate student in the Bilingual Education program and research assistant, will join to Dr. Martínez Hinestroza co-facilitating a workshop on raciolinguistics in early mathematics education.

The event will include discussions on a range of topics related to racial justice in early math, such as family engagement, community activism, curriculum development, teacher education, identity and socialization, and anti-racist praxis. The RJEM conference promises to be an enriching experience, offering numerous opportunities for collaboration and learning among educators, researchers, administrators, caregivers, and community members.

For more information visit the RJEM website.