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College of Education Professor Honored with Distinguished Alumni Award

Photo of Dr. Clarena Larrotta

Dr. Clarena Larrotta, a professor at the College of Education, has been awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award by The University of Quindío. She has received this award in two categories for her exceptional research contributions and remarkable impact on society.

The gala event was attended by Dr. Larrotta's family, where her mother and sister received the award on her behalf. This accolade is presented to individuals who serve as exemplary ambassadors of their Alma Mater, exhibit ethical and responsible professionalism, and bring immense pride to the university.

Dr. Clarena Larrotta, currently a Professor in the Adult, Professional, and Community Education Program, holds a B.A. in English Teaching from the University of Quindío-Armenia, an M.A. in English Education from The University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, and a Ph.D. in Education with emphasis Bilingual Education and Adult Literacy from the University of Texas-Austin.

Her professional journey is marked by a commitment to qualitative research methodologies and the practice of engaged scholarship. Dr. Larrotta seamlessly connects the realms of teaching, research, and service, collaborating with students and colleagues to address pressing social, civic, and ethical issues in the local community. Her goal is to build bridges connecting the university's vast resources to the needs of adults, children, and families in the community, striving to create, support, and document positive change at both local and national levels.

Dr. Larrotta's impactful work includes a forthcoming book, English Literacy Educators Working with Refugee Families: An Intercultural Approach to Adult Education. She has authored four other books, numerous book chapters, and research articles published in prestigious journals, including Adult Learning, Radiologic Science & Education, The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, and Multicultural Education Magazine, The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy, and Radiologic Science & Education, and Radiation Therapist.

In addition to her academic achievements, Dr. Larrotta serves as director of the Education Institute (TEI)  at Texas State University. TEI, a grant-funded center within the College of Education at Texas State, is nationally recognized for its commitment to providing high-quality research and innovative educational services. The institute collaborates with communities, professional organizations, and educational institutions, further solidifying Dr. Larrotta's impact on the field of education.

The College of Education is proud to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of Dr. Clarena Larrotta, who exemplifies the university's mission to produce ethical, responsible, and pride-worthy professionals who make a meaningful difference in society.