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Texas State University’s College of Education Supports Future Educators Through TAFE Area 3 Conference

LBJ Student Center

In a celebration of education and aspiration, the College of Education recently hosted the Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) Area 3 Conference. This event, which drew participants from over 30 central Texas schools, including San Marcos and Round Rock High School, showcased the dedication and talent of over 480 future teachers.

TAFE, a co-curricular statewide non-profit organization, orchestrated the conference to provide young individuals with a unique opportunity to explore the teaching profession. Created in 1984, TAFE aims to equip the best and brightest high school and middle school students in Texas with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about pursuing careers in education.

The competitive spirit was palpable as students engaged in a total of 37 events, ranging from parliamentary procedure to chapter yearbook and impromptu lesson planning. The diversity of these competitions reflected the multifaceted nature of the teaching profession.

With 306 students advancing to the State Competition, the TAFE Area 3 Conference not only celebrated the achievements of these high school students but also underlined the commitment of Texas State University, particularly the College of Education. Established as a teacher's college, the university leverages events like this to build bonds with high school students, nurturing the aspirations of those specifically interested in becoming future teachers.

As the College of Education continues to honor its roots and foster the next generation of educators, the TAFE Area 3 Conference stands as a testament to the enduring bond between the university and those who aspire to shape the future through the power of education.