Research and Evaluation Services

The REDEE Center is available to conduct quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods research and evaluation services. Our clients include state agencies, non-profit organizations, foundations, and for-profit companies.


REDEE Center researchers have extensive experience collecting, cleaning, preparing, and analyzing data, both big and small, in order to answer WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN questions. We maintain a secure and massive database that contains education data for all Texas pre-K through Grade 12 students and all higher education students, as well as Texas workforce data. We have FERPA-compliant data sharing agreements we can quickly implement with district partners. We also design and conduct quantitative surveys.


REDEE Center researchers have decades of experience conducting qualitative research to help understand HOW and WHY something happens. We conduct and document phone and in-person interviews and focus groups. We design and conduct qualitative surveys, collect artifacts and documents, and observe teachers in classrooms. Qualitative data are coded and aggregated for meaning and understanding. 

Mixed Methods

If you want to answer both types of questions, REDEE Center researchers can do both Qualitative and Quantitative research and evaluations. We frequently use a maximum variation strategy where we conduct quantitative research to identify Where to go and Whom to talk with for our qualitative research.