EPP Collaborative

In early 2021, the REDEE Center established a Research-Practice Partnership with the 20 largest educator preparation programs (EPPs) in Texas. The EPP Collaborative members include public and private university-based traditional and alternative programs, and non-profit and for-profit alternative programs. Collectively, Texas EPPs prepare over 50% of the alternatively prepared teachers in the USA (Van Overschelde & Wiggins, 2019) and 70% of new teachers prepared in Texas. The EPP Collaborative is designed to answer research questions that the members lack the capacity or resources to answer themselves. REDEE researchers conduct research for and on behalf of member EPPs. 

Angela State UniversityStephen F. Austin UniversityTexas State UniversityUniversity of North Texas
Education Service Center 4 /INSPIRETeachworthyTexas Teachers of Tomorrow University of Texas-Arlington
iTeach TexasTexas A&M University-College StationTexas Tech UniversityUniversity of Texas-Austin
Lamar UniversityTexas A&M University-CommerceTexas Woman's UniversityUniversity of Texas-El Paso
Sam Houston State UniversityTexas A&M University-San AntonioUniversity of HoustonUniversity of Texas-RGV