Texas State | Birthplace of TRIO

What began as an idea for educational equality, has transformed into 8 signature programs housed at institutions and communities across the country. Press play for an overview of TRIO programs at Texas State. 


Texas State TRIO programs collaborated with the TXST Round Rock Campus, for our inaugural TRIO Rocks College Extravaganza as a way to promote college access for TRIO families across Central Texas. Thank you to all of our university partners for an amazing inaugural event!   

Student Stories

TRIO | Bobcat Day at Texas State

TRIO students participated in Bobcat Day, always an amazing event!

TRIO Conference 2022 Recap

TXST faculty and staff participated in the 49th Texas TRIO Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Student Support Services

An overview of TRIO Student Support Services programs at TXST.

Upward Bound: Senior Yard Celebration

During the pandemic, TRIO staff developed an innovative way to celebrate our high school grads.

LBJ Distinguished Lecture Series

Award winning artist COMMON spoke at TXST. 1,000 TRIO students were invited to attend.

Upward Bound | Academic Saturdays

An overview of Saturday sessions for Upward Bound students held at TXST.

Are you TXST TRIO Alumni?

Whether you are a current TXST TRIO participant in one of Texas States 10 TRIO programs, or were a part of a TRIO program in middle or high school, we State welcome you. Below is a list of critical resources available to you as a current or future student at Texas State.

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