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Education & Creativity

Texas State TRIO Programs have had  a long standing partnership with the School of Social Work. In 2018, TXST TRIO and the School of Social Work collaborated on creating a first of its kind creative space for TXST TRIO participants, Texas State Students, and the Central Texas community.

The Sound Lab is a space that allows creatives to cultivate their sound recording, music production, vid casting, photography and video projects free of charge. 

Students producing music at Sound Lab

The CREATE Research Lab

Collaborative Research for Education, Art, and Therapeutic Engagement

The CREATE Research Lab explores through research and practice how engaging with arts -especially Hip Hop culture- can facilitate healthy development, reduce stress, depression and anxiety, and support academic development. The CREATE Research Lab works with partners like the Texas State University TRIO Program to help youth increase their academic, social, and emotional well-being over the life-course. The Sound Lab is a key part of this work, providing hands on opportunities for students of all ages to learn, grow, and express themselves. A unique music-integrated model guides these opportunities for innovative ways of learning and healthy development, including mental health.

The CREATE Lab led by Dr. Raphael Travis Jr., partners with researchers, educators, artists, and community-based organizations focused on better understanding the educational, health, and therapeutic benefits of music and art engagement. The CREATE Lab has multiple active research projects including working with TXST TRIO and Upward Bound that explore the benefits of creative arts on mental health. Many of these projects build upon the lab’s on-campus music studio. The studio, complete with professional quality music technology, hardware and software, makes constructing, recording, remixing, and other ways of engaging music possible. 

Real World Experience

The Sound Lab experience allows you to analyze, explore, create, and otherwise express yourself using a full range of music equipment and music technology. 


Opportunities exist for individual, small group, and large group activities within workshop, conference, camp, artist development, podcasting, and satellite (stationary and mobile) experiences.

Texas TRIO Association | 2019 Student Leadership Conference

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