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Initial Teacher Certification Programs

Initial Certification Options

Post-baccalaureate teacher certification

Individuals wishing to seek initial teacher certification as a post-baccalaureate (post-bac) student may seek any of the following certification options:

Post-bac programs are for students who already possess a baccalaureate (undergraduate) degree. Each of these specializations may be sought as certification-only or certification combined with a master's degree. 

Graduate Programs with Initial Teacher Certification

  • Certification and Masters Degree in Education (CMED) 36-semester hour option is offered only in the evenings and is not limited in enrollment. Students may begin the program in the fall, spring, or summer semester. Students are urged to take a minimum of two classes each semester in the program. A field experience will be required and may have to be arranged on the student’s own time. The program culminates with student teaching or an internship (if the student has significant classroom experience). More information on different CMED programs may be found here. 

  • Career Alternatives in Special Education (CASE) (CASE), is a unique program developed to recruit mature individuals with undergraduate degrees who are interested in a second career teaching public school students with disabilities. CASE provides training in teaching methods and special education techniques, and supports CASE participants in teaching positions in central Texas.

  • Teacher Recruitment Program (TRP) is a full-certification program, designed for individuals who already hold a baccalaureate degree. TRP includes 18 hours of graduate course work, typically completed in two semesters of full-time attendance. The coursework may begin in either the fall or spring semesters. The first semester classes are delivered at the Round Rock Campus (RRC). Field experiences are delivered on-site in area public schools. TRP includes a full semester of student teaching or internship. The Teacher Recruitment Program (TRP) is designed to provide an accelerated pathway to teacher certification in either of two possible areas:

    - Early Childhood - 6th Grade ESL Generalist 

    - Secondary (Grades 8-12) requires at least 24 credit hours in a teachable subject area.  

    TRP students may finish their Masters in Education degree by completing an additional 18 hours of required graduate courses. A student wishing to complete a Masters degree must pass a written comprehensive exam.

Undergraduate Teacher Certification

Our baccalaureate (undergraduate) programs lead to initial teaching certification. 

Undergraduate Teacher Certification

  • Elementary Education
  • Middle School Education
  • Secondary/All-level Education

The College of Education Academic Advising Center has detailed information regarding specific teacher education requirements.