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Comprehensive Examination for Master's in Elementary Education (M.Ed.)

Comp Exam Information and Registration Page

Successful completion of a comprehensive examination ("Comp Exam") is required for graduation with the Master of Education degree in Elementary Education (MEd or CMEd). Due to the comprehensive nature of the exam, students should take the exam during the last semester of their Master's program coursework.


The exam is intended to be a synthesis of pertinent information, concepts, theories and practices from across the content of a range of coursework; therefore, the exam tests one's ability to take information and ideas from many hours of coursework and synthesize that information and those ideas into cogent, thoughtful reflections, explications and/or applications.

By clicking the button below, you will be signing up for this exam, and you will be added to a website in which more information about the exam, a study guide, a grading rubric, and other information will be posted as the exam approaches. If you sign up for the exam, you will be contacted via email when this or any other information is added to the designated site.


Click the button associated with your specialization to register for your comp exams.