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Required Courses

Our program requires 10 Reading Courses

An Overview of Requirements:

Reading Courses with no prerequisites (5 classes, 15 hours)

Reading Courses with Prerequisites (3 classes, 9 hours)

Reading Capstone Courses/Internship  (2 classes, 6 hours. You take these courses while teaching, during your final year at Texas State.)

RDG 5310 – Teaching Literacy with Children’s & Young Adult Literature

RDG 5345 – Assessment-driven Literacy Instruction

RDG 6336 – Reading Specialist Internship I:  Designing and Evaluating Literacy Research in Schools

RDG 5320 – Foundations of Literacy Instruction

RDG 5331 – Literacy Methods for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students

RDG 6333 – Reading Specialist Internship II: Designing and Evaluating Literacy Professional Development in Schools

RDG 5322 – Teaching Reading in the Elementary and Middle Schools

RDG 6330 – Language Acquisition and Development for Literacy Instruction


RDG 5326 – Developmental Literacy in the Middle and Secondary Schools



RDG 5340 – Connecting Reading and Writing in the Classroom