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Minor in Education

About the Minor

The Education minor is only intended for students seeking teacher certification in select high school subject areas.  Students wanting to teach high school should consult with an Academic Advisor in the college of their major to determine whether declaring this minor or a double major in Education is the appropriate avenue for fitting the required education coursework into their degree program. 

Degree Planning and Sequencing

NOTE:  Information included on checksheets is subject to change. 
For the most updated information for each degree plan, students should refer to the appropriate Undergraduate Catalog and track their progress using a Degree Audit.  Additionally, we encourage all students to meet on a semester basis with the Academic Advisor for their major, who will also offer guidance about course planning within the minor.

While students may continue following a catalog year degree plan for six years, other planning factors such as course offerings or rotations and prerequisite sequencing are subject to change each year.  For that reason, the most current degree plan sequencing guide is available below; students with questions about navigating older degree plans are encouraged to meet with an advisor.

2024 Catalog

PENDING - 2024 Checksheet reflects anticipated curriculum that is subject to change and pending final approval until publication in May 2024; seek advising with questions.

Transfer Planning

NOTE:  This resource is intended to help you PLAN AHEAD, so be sure to reference the link below before taking transfer coursework whenever possible.

Students planning to earn college credit at another institution for eventual transfer to Texas State should refer to the Transfer Equivalency Guide to determine how that coursework would be evaluated by Admissions.

Did you earn credits toward an AAT? [Associate of Arts in Teaching]
A 'C' or better in EDUC 1301 can satisfy CI 4332.
A 'C' or better in EDUC 2301 can satisfy CI 3325. 

Course Substitution Requests

You may request evaluation of a course taken previously or that you plan to take to confirm whether it is equivalent to a degree requirement in your minor.

If approved, provide documentation of that approval to your advisor in order for the course substitution to be reflected on your Degree Audit.

Submit: Minor in Education Substitution Request