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Substitution Request: Other Minors declared by College of Education students

By submitting this form, you are requesting that Texas State faculty evaluate an alternate course to determine whether it should be considered equivalent to a required course within your minor.  

Depending on the nature of the course and its role within your specific minor, this determination made be made by College of Education faculty or re-routed to the appropriate credentialed faculty within the college that houses the minor. 

NOTEA separate form is required for each individual course you are requesting to have evaluated.

Do not submit the same request more than once.
You will notified of a determination at your Texas State email account.

Personal Information

Texas State ID (A0 .......)
Full Name (Last, First M)
Texas State Email Address (including

Required Course

This is the course within the minor that your Degree Audit lists as ‘Still Needed

Declared Minor that Course is a Requirement for (i.e., Business Administration)
Required Course in Minor (i.e., MGT 3301)

Credit to be Evaluated

This is the prior credit you're hoping to utilize or an alternate course you're hoping to take in the future

Course Prefix + Number (i.e., MGT 1013) you already have credit for or are asking permission to take
Title of course you took or want to take (i.e., Introduction to Business)
Where credit was/is offered (i.e., Austin Community College)
When credit was or will be earned (i.e., Spring 2023)
Copy and paste from Institution's Course Catalog
[optional] Syllabus or Table of Contents from the course textbook; Attach as .PDF if possible

Before you submit

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