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Mission Vision and Goals

Our Mission

The Office of Educator Preparation advances the mission of the university through close collaboration with our colleagues in all appropriate state and university departments, academic offices, and school districts.

We implement federal, state, and university policies and procedures that lead to educator certification through Texas State University’s baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate programs;

Develop systems that support growth in numbers in enrollment and completion and enhance the quality of the Educator Preparation Program;

Lead research initiatives to influence practice and policy at state and university levels;

Provide support for staff and faculty who advise students seeking certification; and

Prepare highly qualified educators who serve the growing preK-12 population in Texas and beyond.

Our Vision

The Office of Educator Preparation seeks to make the path to certification a transparent process to future educators, staff, and faculty, and school district partners. Our vision is that every candidate clearly understands and demonstrates a commitment to the requirements of the Educator Preparation Program.

Our Goals

Texas State programs that offer certification will comply with accreditation standards as well as federal, state, and university rules and regulations.

Appropriate staff and faculty across campus will provide clear and accurate guidance to candidates navigating the path to certification.

Texas State candidates recommended for certification will communicate professionally, think critically, promote diversity, and adhere to Educator Code of Ethics and professional standards.

Public and private school districts will continue to actively recruit Texas State teacher candidates for their expertise and competence.