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Star Student

Star Student Teachers | Fall 2023

Fall 2023 Star Student

Lucy Reasons

Certification: 7-12 Life Science

Student Teaching Placement Location: Northside ISD

Statement About Career Goals:

My student teaching experience through Texas State University has been an incredible opportunity and enabled me to grow as a student, an educator, and a professional. Going in to student teaching, I was daunted by the task that lay ahead of me: how was I meant to develop my own teaching style, learn the ins and outs of a new district, plan enriching lessons, and advocate for my students all the while? I soon realized that this is part of the dilemma all teachers are faced with every day. Teachers must wear the hat of mentor, educator, disciplinarian, coach, counselor, and advocate, and switch between them seamlessly as they seek to meet the needs of their students. 

Student teaching is not a feat that I have conquered alone. I have been extremely lucky to be supported by an amazing cooperating teacher who has been generous with her advice, feedback, and her classroom. I would also like to thank my Student Teaching Faculty who has offered me valuable feedback and suggestions for all areas of teaching. Most of all, I would like to thank my 150 9th grade students who enriched my life and have helped me become the teacher I am today. They have stuck with me through the highs and lows of this experience, encouraged me to be the very best teacher I can be, and reminded me why I love to teach. 

I am proud to represent the Fall 2023 student teaching cohort. I hope to embody the determination, passion, and thoughtfulness that is required to be an excellent teacher. I am proud to be part of the rigorous Texas State teaching program that has prepared me for the challenges of teaching. As more students pass through this program, I hope that they are able to find the passion and joy in their profession the same way I have.  

Student Teaching Placement Location: San Antonio ISD

Statement About Career Goals:

Looking back, I realize how lucky I was to have so many great teachers throughout my education. I had endless role models and life coaches guiding me down the right path and making sure that I was becoming someone that my future self would be proud of. Since I was so fortunate in having all that amazing guidance, it only made sense that I would join the world of education and be that support system for the next generation of students. I hope my future students will gain all the tools necessary to thrive in not only the classroom, but in life and their relationships with their peers.

Student teaching this semester was without a doubt an adventure. I was in a high-structured BMC and I realized that my heart was in the right place after a few days. It was tough, scary, and it kept me on my toes every second of the day, but I grew to love it. I learned so much from the students and the environment. It taught me skills that I never knew I would need to have, and I realized that even though this life may not be for everyone, it was for me. Watching the students learn new behaviors and techniques to make their daily lives more manageable made all my time there worth it. Being able to see the students realize that they were able to complete a new task or understand that they will get a much better response by asking differently really made it all worthwhile. The way the teachers managed their classrooms, the way the students respected them, and the way they worked together was truly inspiring. 

Although I am sad I will not be there with them for the rest of their educational journey, I take pride in knowing that I was there when they took some of the biggest strides in their learning than in years past. I am thankful for the experience that the semester has given me, and I cannot wait to utilize the skills I gained to teach my future students. As my college career comes to an end, I could never have done it without the support from my wife, my family, my professors, and Texas State Supervisor, Mr. Sostarich, who recommended me for this amazing honor. Eat Em Up!!!

Fall 2023 Star Student

John Arias

Certification: EC-12 Special Education