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Chapter 5: Issuance of Standard Teaching Certificate

Chapter 5

Issuance of Standard Teaching Certificate

Purpose and Definition

According to the Texas Education Agency, there are specific requirements to becoming a classroom teacher. One of these requirements is an application for issuance of a standard teaching certificate. This certificate makes you eligible to teach in the state of Texas.

  • Standard Teaching Certificate: The state requires a certificate to ensure the highest level of educator preparation and practice to achieve student excellence. The Educator Preparation Program's Certification Officer is responsible for recommending candidates to the state; the State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) issues the certificate; and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) houses the certificate on the TEA website. A Standard Teaching Certificate is valid for five years after which time it may be renewed.
  • You are not automatically certified upon completion of the Educator Preparation Program. You must submit an application for issuance of the Standard Teaching Certificate.
  • Supply and Demand for Educators in Texas: The Texas Education Agency has provided this information on the effect of supply and demand forces on the educator workforce in this state.