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Step 3: Apply for Admittance

Admittance to the Educator Preparation Program

Step 3: Apply for Admittance

  • When to apply for Admittance

    • Admittance Application Window
      Semester Application Window
      Fall Admittance January* - August
      Spring Admittance August - December*

      *NOTE: Applications are closed from December 15th - January 6th for processing

    • Application Timeline

      To help you identify the point at which you should apply for Admittance, we have developed the table below.

      However, your path to certification will differ from others seeking the same certificate.

      The Office of Educator Preparation recommends you visit with your Academic Advisor or Graduate Advisor to figure out when you should complete the application for Admittance. NOTE: You might end up applying for Admittance and Blocks simultaneously. This is normal. 

      Your degree program Your timeline to apply
      Bachelor's + Certification The fall or spring semester prior to Blocks
      Second Bachelor's + Certification The fall or spring semester prior to Blocks
      Certification + M.Ed. (CMED) Immediately upon admission to the Graduate College
      Teacher Recruitment Program (TRP) Immediately upon admission to the Graduate College
      Stand-Alone Teacher Certification Immediately upon admission to the Graduate College
  • How to apply for Admittance

      1. You will log into the Educator Certification application, and submit the application.
      2. Your status will read "Under Review."
      3. Allow up to 10 business days (two weeks) for your application to be processed.
      4. Watch this How-To-Apply video.
      5. Please note, there will also be a fee charged upon acceptance.
      1. Log back into the application.
      2. Click on "Check Status."
      3. Below is a list of common Status categories, but other statuses may be used.
      4. If you have a question about your status, contact the Office of Educator Preparation.

      Frequently Used Statuses Explanation
      Under Review Your application is awaiting review by an Office of Educator Preparation staff member. Please allow up to ten business days.
      Pending Grades Posting Your application will be re-evaluated after grades post, scores are submitted, or transfer courses are posted, whichever the case may be.
      Red "X" Red X's on your application status page indicate that you have some missing requirements or courses in-progress. This is completely normal. However, if you notice Red X's for requirements you already meet, check the Status Reason for notes about approved overrides and/or exceptions (for example, "C in COMM interview complete," or "Course substitute approved").
      Pending Program Cert Change Your application cannot be reviewed unless you change to a major or program that includes teacher certification. See your Academic Advisor or Program Coordinator.
      Offered Pending Student Acceptance You have been offered Admittance to the Educator Preparation Program and must take action to accept the Offer.
      Accepted And Paid You successfully accepted the Offer and paid the non-refundable TEA fee. You are now a teacher candidate in the Educator Preparation Program!
    • With every status change, the Office of Educator Preparation will send a notification to your BobcatMail.

      • These emails will carry detailed, time-sensitive instructions.
      • Please check your BobcatMail daily, even over weekends and holidays.
  • How to re-apply for Admittance

    • If your application is denied for any reason, including failure to accept an Offer or to pay the non-refundable Texas Education Agency (TEA) fee, you must submit a new application.

    • If you become inactive in the Educator Preparation Program, you must re-apply for Admittance.

      • Please be aware you will be required to pay the non-refundable Texas Education Agency (TEA) fee again upon re-admittance.
      • Also, if your status is "Inactive" with the university, you must also reapply to the university.