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Step 4: Accept the Offer

Admittance to the Educator Preparation Program

Step 4: Accept the Offer

  • How to accept the Offer of Admittance

    • If you meet all the criteria for Admittance to the Educator Preparation Program, the Office of Educator Preparation will extend an Offer of Admittance in writing via email. 

      • Read the Offer carefully and follow the instructions to set up your TEA account, Accept the Offer, and pay the non-refundable TEA Technology fee. 
    • Every educator in the state of Texas is issued a Texas Education Agency (TEA) ID#. You may already have a TEA ID#, or you may need to set one up. Either way, write this number down and remember it because you will use it your entire teaching career! You will be required to enter your TEA ID# to accept the Offer of Admittance.

      Follow these instructions
      • If you think you might already have a TEA ID# (if you have ever been a Teacher's Aide or Substitute Teacher in Texas), submit a request online to the TEA Help Desk. In the Description field, indicate you are requesting to retrieve your TEA ID#.


    • International Students without a Social Security Number (SSN) must request a temporary P-number from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) so that they can obtain a TEA ID# for Admittance to the Educator Preparation Program (EPP). However, Texas educators are required to have a Social Security Number (SSN) to be fingerprinted, certified, and employed, so there is only so much you can do without a SSN.

      Students can usually progress through most of the EPP up to the point of Student Teaching with the P-number. At that point, you must apply for a SSN (please visit the university’s International Office for information about obtaining an SSN before Student Teaching).

      Follow these instructions
      • What you will need
        • A scanned image of your valid passport
        • A device with internet access
      • Visit the TEA Help Desk on the TEA website and fill out the online Submit a Request form.
      • In the Description field box, indicate "I do not have a Social Security Number (SSN) and need a temporary number to start the certification process."
      • In the field for “To help us locate records, please provide the following: TEA ID or Last 4 Digits of SSN”: input “I do not have an SSN.” Do not input your A# or any other form of ID in this box.
      • Upload a high quality scanned image of your valid passport. The Alkek library has scanners; or you can use a free phone app.
      • TEA will check for any conflicting or prior records and assign a number that begins with P. 
      • Once TEA sends you your P-number, you must visit the TEA website for Creating your TEAL user account.
      • This will trigger TEA to send your TEA ID#.
    • You must accept the Offer of Admittance to be admitted to the Educator Preparation Program.

      1. Log into the application.
      2. Click on "Check Status."
      3. Follow the prompts to accept the Offer of Admittance.
      4. Be prepared to enter your anticipated Student Teaching semester.
    • Effective March 2017, the Texas Education Agency requires a fee for every admitted individual, including re-admitted students.

      1. After you accept the Offer, you will be directed to a payment portal.
      2. Submit the non-refundable TEA technology fee.
      3. Your application status will change to "Accepted And Paid."
      4. You will receive a "Welcome" email within 24 hours.